Despite all our efforts, it is possible that the treatment of you or your child does not go as you wish. We urge you to discuss this with the treating speech therapist as soon as possible.

If the solution offered is not to your satisfaction, you can (also) contact me directly, Els Backhuijs (practice owner/owner) 06-45695410.

A suitable and satisfactory solution for all parties is usually the result. In the unlikely event that this is not the case, you can always contact: National Complaints Committee Speech Therapy First Line 0348-457073


Pursuant to the Law on Complaints for Clients in the Care Sector, every speech therapist is obliged to have an arrangement for the handling of complaints from patients / clients. This concerns complaints about the care provider’s actions (or omissions), which have adverse consequences for the patient/client. The law prescribes that complaints are handled by a committee, consisting of at least three members, whose chairman may not be employed by or for the relevant healthcare provider.

Such a complaints procedure for speech therapy has been established by the professional association for speech therapists, the Dutch Association for Speech Therapy and Phoniatrics (NVLF) in Woerden, and an independent complaints committee has also been set up. The professional code for the speech therapist forms the basis for this complaints procedure. Our actions are mainly tested against this professional code.

This practice uses the complaints procedure and is affiliated with the complaints committee of the NVLF. A brochure is available in practice for more information about the complaints procedure and the procedures that must be followed. The complaints procedure itself can be viewed on request.

The professional code is available for inspection as a separate document at every location of the practice. A copy of this will be sent on request.

National Complaints Committee Speech Therapy Primary Care
attn. Secretary
Steinhagenseweg 2b
PO Box 75
3440 AB Woerden
Phone: 0348-457073

NVLF Supervisory Board for compliance with the professional code for Speech Therapists
PO Box 75
3440 AB Woerden
Phone: 0348-457073