The Backhuijs speech therapy practice was established in 1983 in Nijmegen (Wolfskuil, Willemskwartier, Neerbosch Oost and Oud West). The practice was founded by Els Backhuijs, and works with a team of 4 speech therapists. The practice is characterised by its strong engagement with the residents of the area where it provides care.

To achieve optimum treatment results, we work closely with everyone concerned (for example parents, GPs, schools, playgroups, support workers and therapists). We are known within our field of care for our enthusiasm, commitment, drive and, in particular, our professionalism.


We meet you and/or your child. In addition to your request for help (complaint), we record the basic details and other information. We also take care of the administrative issues, such as proof of identity, treatment agreement and the details of your health insurance company. We take receipt of the referral letter from your GP and discuss the nature and severity of the complaint as far as possible.
The speech therapist examines, observes and provides a diagnosis. The speech therapist then prepares a treatment plan and discusses this with you. If you and the speech therapist agree the plan, treatment begins. The treatment is followed by a final review and final report (or interim review/interim report > 6 months).
Let us know as soon as possible! You can call your speech therapist directly at any time to cancel (see mobile numbers on or you can call the main number (024) 379 22 22.

NB: we have reserved time for your treatment; if you fail to cancel at least 24 hours in advance, you will be charged for the time we have reserved. You will receive a missed appointment invoice which you must pay yourself (the money will not be reimbursed by your health insurance company).